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A Track Record of Inaction
in Harris County 
YOU Deserve Better Now!

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"People Enjoy Floods" - Steve Radack

Precinct 3 residents have had to contend with an incumbent whose ego apparently can’t handle serving in the minority and is disinterested in having to work collaboratively with a new Democratic majority – which is taking on real problems that have been festering in Harris County for years such as flooding. Here’s how he really feels about your concerns: 

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Radack only serving as part of a Republican majority, under former Republican County Judge Ed Emmett  pushed aside the most imperative problems of the county  like flood control, criminal justice reform and toxic chemical exposure. 


Yet as a senior member of the Court, he still received perks he didn’t earn – like being appointed to the County Purchasing Board. Finally, as a harsh partisan Republican operating in a Republican majority that avoids issues that effect you, Radack seldom had to find a reasonable middle ground on anything. 


Now he leaves YOU with a choice to make  — either elect Morris Overstreet, who’ll focus on the needs of the precinct by working with current Court members to address constituents’ needs or continue to disregard and throw up roadblocks to progress.  So far,  Radack has chosen the latter – an angry and unproductive – option.

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Do You Enjoy Flooding? – No More Flooding !!!

Morris Overstreet
for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3

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Lets Fix It 

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No More Flooding

We must work together to find solutions to some of the most imperative issues that our community faces — of most importance being flood mitigation. There is no one resolve to all the present problems that our county has to focus on, but continued inaction and stagnation are simply intolerable. There are too many citizens that have had their lives drastically altered by the lack of due diligence by politicians who have idly watched constituents suffer to no avail. It is our collective duty to use our democratic power to elect individuals like Morris Overstreet who are willing to work with others that have our best interest at heart in finding solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our community .

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Safer Neighborhoods

We must work together to create safe communities equipping law enforcement with the necessary tools to keep us safe and holding them accountable for doing so

Quality Education & Senior Living

We must work together to create healthier communities by funding programs that foster education for our children's futures & provide a standard quality of life for all citizen

Efficient Spending & Budgeting

We must work together to create better communities by leveraging tax dollars & spending on improvements & initiatives that benefit the community at large

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Become a Supporter

Harris County is home to a number of generous and dedicated citizens making it one of the best places in Texas to live. I’ve been honored to work with my fellow citizens in making Harris County an even better place to live. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.

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